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            尽管时代变迁,技术不断进步,但是卓诚恒信仍然坚持: 先进的技术和设备并不能决定印刷服务的全部,人始终是工作中最重要的因素,拥有高度敬业意识的卓诚人是保证服务质量的前提。


            Time flies so fast, technology is also being upgraded continuously.


            Although technology and equipment bring huge impact on the process, we believe they are not the fundamental issues, People is still most important in everything.

            BIPC is always proud of the professional team of the company with the basic belief of Integrity, Trust and loyal along the way.

            Speaking of the experts from BIPC with either overseas education background and more than 30 years experiences in printing, therefore, any difficult problems could be tackled with efficiency.

            From the first meeting with clients to the final product delivery, BIPC treats each order with care on each step in the process. Our customer service staff will communicate with you patiently to understand your entire requirements. It is not only for the accuracy of quoting, but also for the techniques and quality of your work. We will work closely with you and give our suggestions so as to remind you of the important steps where errors tend to occur.

            Our objective is to help clients to avoid mistakes and economical loss.


            让我们来帮助您!请致电 010-89752856

            北京卓诚恒信彩色印刷有限公司 | Beijing Integrity Printing Co., Ltd.
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